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Learn how to create an extraordinary life.


Create The Life You Desire. Period.

More than 6 million people including athletes, doctors, mothers, entrepreneurs in 121 countries, have transformed their lives through the Silva Method 4 Day Immersion Program.  Here’s what it can do for you:

1. Transform Chaos Into Flow
Everyone has stress.  That’s unavoidable, but you can learn to deal with it in a constructive way.
Silva gives you the tools to transform stress you are experiencing into calmness so that you are more relaxed,  creative and clear.
2. Think Differently & Be Happy
The greatest power present in each and everyone one of us is our minds. Our minds have an amazing ability to learn and adapt.
This ability is called Neuroplasticity. Neuroplasticity refers to the brain’s ability to change its structure and function in response to experience or damage. Neuroplasticity enables us to learn and remember new things and adjust to new experiences.
In a study conducted in San Antonio, Texas, Dr. George Desau found that the Silva Method curriculum, helped prevent shyness, boosted ego strength as well as increasing trust and cooperation among students. He also found that practicing the techniques led to greater self-assurance and warm-heartedness.
Transform the incessant negative inner voice into a positive, supportive thinking habit.
3. Invigorate Mind-Body Healing
 Jose Silva firmly believed that the mind is the driving force behind ALL healing.
For example, the late   Dr.O.Carl Simonton, a world-renowned oncologist, and cancer therapy researcher, founded the Simonton Center, described the Silva Method as one of the  “most powerful single tools” that he can offer his patients. But how does it work?
Our bodies are ‘wired’ to self-heal. However, there are numerous subconscious ‘programs’, Jose Silva’s term for deeply ingrained beliefs, which are blocking this natural process. In the Silva Life System, you will learn a variety of mental visualization methods designed to accelerate mind-body healing and releaser the blocks hindering one’s natural capacity for physical and emotional healing.   Take control of your health! With the Silva Method.
4. Boost Creativity

Creativity is not just for artists—it’s a resourceful state of mind that leads to success. Studies show that creativity is enhanced when functioning at the alpha level. Experiencing the Silva Life System will teach you to enter the alpha level at will and then to use your creative mind to help you find solutions and let inspiration flow. “Mental discipline and creative visualization are what’s behind the power of the Silva Method,” says Richard Bach, best-selling author of Jonathan Livingston Seagull.

Creativity is not limited to the arts. A survey by IBM of 1,500 chief executive officers found that “Creativity was ranked as the number one factor for future business success—above management discipline, integrity, and even vision.” According to one study at Northeastern University, they found that innovative companies expect creativity as it is a mechanism of innovation.


5. Achieve Powerful Goals
The Silva Life System is not a motivational program. It is a practical, easy to learn, simple to use mind development program which makes your everyday life easier.  Silva gives you tools for daily living.
Studies have shown that Silva students become permanently more self-assured and positive. They think bigger, set higher goals, and consistently achieve things that contribute to humanity. Whether you’re 12 years old or 80, as a Silva student you will learn to embrace the desire to do more with your life!
6. Mental Training for Performance Enhancement

So often, being a high performer is what it takes to thrive in today’s fast-paced world. Dr. Charles Garfield, former NASA researcher and current president of The Performance-Science Institute in Berkeley, California, reveals startling information on how mental training can increase performance. The study examined the effect of mental training, including visualization, on four groups of world-class athletes just prior to the 1980 Olympics in Lake Placid, New York. The four groups of elite athletes were divided as follows:

  • Group 1: did 100% physical training.
  • Group 2: did 75% physical training, 25% mental training.
  • Group 3: did 50% physical training, 50% mental training.
  • Group 4: did 25% physical training, 75% mental training.

The results were astonishing. What the researchers found was that group 4—the group with the most mental training—had shown significantly greater improvement than group 3, 2 and 1. Garfield said, “Use of this skill substantially increases the effectiveness of goal-setting, which up until then had been little more than a dull listing procedure.”

Improve every aspect of your life, with the power of mental creativity. More mind and less action will get you better results.

7. Sleep Soundly and Wake-up Energized
According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, “Insufficient sleep is a public health epidemic.” They attribute a lack of sleep to car accidents, industrial disasters, medical errors, and more. Over 23% of those with sleeping problems attribute the issue to excessive mental chatter over past, present and even future events.
The Silva Method gives you the techniques to help you fall asleep quickly and sleep deeply through the night without the use of medication. Silva teaches you to “command” your mind to let you fall asleep when you choose to or wake up at will at any time without an alarm clock. This technique allows your body to sleep as much as it needs and wake refreshed. Every time. Imagine how much more productive and energized you will be when you can depend on having a good night’s rest.[/expand]
8. Use the Power of Dreams
The inventor Elias Howe got a revelation on how to improve the sewing machine through a dream. Paul McCartney came up with the song “Yesterday” in a dream. The structure of the Carbon-6 molecule was discovered through a dream.
You too can use your dreams to help boost your problem-solving abilities, creativity, and inspiration.
9. Enhancing Your Intuition

Avoid the agony of indecision, worry, and fear. Connect into your highest intelligence – Intuition.

Think about it! Behind any success story, there’s that lucky hunch or an amazing coincidence. This “inner knowing” is the guiding force that will lead you through life without missing a step. However, over time we have learned to resist listening to this “inner knowing”.  It was not accepted by society. Yet, once you remove this resistance,  you enter a higher level of decision making….

A state of intuitive living—the secret key to your success.

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Our Live Seminar Events

The Silva Method in Toronto
Silva Life System Workshop
June 2019


June 1-2 2019 (Sat & Sun)  in Toronto, Canada This date doesn’t work?  Find more dates.

Immerse yourself in the power of the Silva Life System in one weekend. The first 2 days of Jose Silva’s groundbreaking program.

You will learn to master your mind and heal your body with the powerful dynamic meditation taught by Jose Silva. Benefits include overcoming stress, use dreams to solve problems, improve your memory, manifest your goals without stress, improve your grades at all levels of education, manage discomfort and pain, go to sleep without the use of drugs, improve your relationships, live more lovingly, communicate with pets and and children solely with your mind.

This is the foundation course before continuing on your journey to develop your intuition with the Silva Intution System.

Silva Life System & Intution Workshop
Apr 2019


Apr 27,28 & May 4, 5, 2019 (2 weekends)  in Toronto, Canada This date doesn’t work?  Find more dates.

This two-weekend course combines the creativity development of the Silva Life System with the powerful intuition development program of the Silva Intuition Training. The first weekend also called the Silva Life System will teach you how to master yourself.

In the first weekend, you will learn to master your mind and heal your body with the powerful dynamic meditation taught by Jose Silva. The techniques help you to overcome stress, use your dreams to solve problems, improve your memory, manifest your goals without stress; improve your grades at all levels of education, manage discomfort and pain, go to sleep without the use of drugs, improve your relationships, live more lovingly, find lost items and enhance the use of your intuition.

The second weekend of the program is a truly life-changing experience. Connect with your “inner knowing”, known as your highest intelligence to guide you and live a life of ease.

During these two days you will develop your intuition to make better decisions, make decisions faster even without all the information, solve problems creatively, find inspiration, develop spiritually; learn how to help your family and friends, improve your abilities to better communicate with children and pets whether a dog, a cat or a horse; learn how to manifest for yourself and heal old wounds. It is the key to find your life’s purpose.