Reducing Stress with the Silva Method

Stress Reduction

5 Tips For Managing Stress

Stress is one of the more problematic feelings that people chronically experience. Stress can preoccupy our minds, cause physical manifestations, and even lead to illness. If you want to take control and reduce stress, here are some things that can help:



Exercise improves your mood by releasing endorphins. You might want to take up a sport or activity like yoga, tennis, or hiking, but even just going for a short walk or taking the time to stretch and get your body moving can be a huge stress reliever.


Listen to Music

Relaxing music can help reduce the overwhelming feeling caused by stress. Calming music, whether soothing ocean sounds or your favourite pop tunes, has many positive effects on the body. Studies show that listening to music can lower blood pressure and even reduces cortisol, a hormone which is associated with stress. Taking a break and listening to music can remove you from stressful situations and allow you to recentre yourself and get back at it with a more positive and calm mindset.


Talk it Out

One of the most troublesome parts of stress is how you feel like you’re in it alone and nobody can help or relate. The truth is completely the opposite – sometimes talking it out with a trusted family member, friend, mentor, or person in your support system may be all you need to help put everything in perspective. Speaking with a professional therapist or counsellor is also a fantastic option to get everything off your chest and learn the tools to help prevent stress from snowballing. A stress management workshop can connect you with supportive individuals.


Diet & Sleep

People often search long and hard for solutions to reduce stress, but some of the most obvious solutions involve diet and sleep. Fish is full of omega-3 fatty acids, which are proven to reduce stress symptoms. Magnesium found in swiss chard helps lower cortisol levels, and whole-grains snacks full of carbohydrates can trigger the release of serotonin. Sleep is also tremendously important, so make sure you’re getting long and high-quality sleep every night.


Mindful Meditation

Even just a few minutes of meditation can help to relieve stress. During mindful meditation, you focus on being in the present and being consciously aware of your experience. For example, you can focus on your breath, as you inhale and exhale. Observe yourself with self-compassion and without judgement. Through a stress management workshop, you can learn how to meditate with mindfulness.


Stress can make daily life quite difficult. But if you take control and consider these five ways to reduce stress, you can transform your life and live a more positive and calm existence. Whether implementing these techniques on your own or learning more with the help of stress management workshop, do not let stress rule your life any longer.

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