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4 Ways to Improve Your Relationships

It is important to maintain a sense of self in a relationship while respecting what you love about your partner to remain engaged and interested in each other. Here are four ways to improve your relationships:


Stay Happy

Your happiness cannot be dependent on another person. Instead it is you, yourself who must learn how to stay happy. Self-development and awareness allows you to know what will make you happy so you can pursue your dreams and meet your goals. It is very important to always be aware of who you are and what will make you happy so that you can share that happiness with your partner. Without happiness there is resentment and this resentment will eat away at your relationships. You can learn to be more self-aware using the Silva Method to train your mind to remain positive and seek opportunities to reach your goals.


Communication is very important to any relationship. Learning to listen will help you hear the needs of your partner and allow you to provide them with feedback about your point of view and feelings. Your self-development will allow you to listen with an open mind and your subconscious will be set on intuitively resolving problems creatively and effectively.



Being optimistic about life will keep you optimistic about your relationship. Optimism can remove dangerous elements in a relationship such as mistrust and suspicion. Remaining positive about your life and your relationship will keep you focused on your love and respect for a happier, healthier partnership.


Support and Respect

Being respectful of each other is a far reaching and multi-leveled aspect of your relationship. Make sure you always not only treat each other with respect when you are together, but also when you are not around. Speak highly of each other and be supportive when others in your life are being negative or questioning your partner. Do so in public as well if your partner is being faced with adversity or disrespect from others. Together you stand and divided you fall. Being on each other’s side creates a bond that no one can put asunder.

It is important to focus on self-development throughout your life to be able to better relate to others. The Silva Method can assist with self-discovery, positive thinking and rewiring your subconscious to help you find happiness, optimism and long-lasting relationships.

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