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Overcoming Addiction

Overcoming addiction whether it is to alcohol, smoking, eating or drugs is a life commitment. Finding the best approach to overcome your addiction can be different for each person. There have been reported successes with addiction using the Silva Method even in those who have failed using other techniques. One such addiction was an American from Florida who was only able to overcome his addiction to heroine with the Silva Method. The Silva Method Toronto clinics offer can help you overcome your addiction based on the following proven strategies:


The Silva Method Toronto clinics offer focus on teaching you to reprogram your subconscious mind in order to eliminate the desire to return to your habit. You will learn to use your mind to develop willpower and change your mindset to stop the need for your addiction. You will learn how to replace desire to participate in bad habits with the desire for something positive. It will empower you to take advantage of your own mindset to deny your bad habits in order to live your life free of addiction.


Alpha Level

The Silva Method uses special centering techniques in order to function at a deeper state of mind; this level is called the Alpha level. Once you are able to reach the Alpha level your mind becomes open and clear. This makes it easier for you to use new mind-development to overcome your addiction.


Rewiring your Mind

You will teach yourself to rewire your mind so that habits are overcome at a deeper level. You will learn how to insert positive statements and access visualization techniques that will change your behavioural patterns. You will be able to use your subconscious mind to allow you to heal your emotional state and overcome your need to turn to your addictive habits.


Mind and Body

The Silva Method will teach you to practice using a simple mental process that will have a positive impact on your brain. This will allow you to control your nervous system and fight both mental and physical demands to indulge your addiction.

Reprogramming your mind requires access to your subconscious where your habits are been deeply embedded. Functioning at the Alpha level allows you to release yourself from images and urges that trigger your addiction. This will free your mind to invite positive thoughts and overcome your addiction.

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Researchers at Stanford University determined that we only use about 2% of the potential of our minds.

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