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Improve Your Life

How the Silva Method can Improve Your Life

Have you ever wondered if there was a way you could calm your mind long enough to remain focused on the task at hand? Most of us are faced with endless stresses and tasks that place too many demands on our minds. This can keep us from doing any one thing efficiently. Jose Silva spent 24 years trying to find a way to clear the mind in order to become more efficient. In 1966 he introduced the Silva Method. Since that time his method has been used as the basis for many a stress management workshop to improve lives.


Reducing Resistance

Jose Silva was an electrician by trade and it was his knowledge of resistance that influenced his approach. He knew that when you reduce resistance in an electrical wire suddenly the flow becomes far more efficient. He looked at this theory and decided he could learn to use the same premise to help the mind better absorb information. Silva pursued his theory and delved deeper. He soon found he could clear the mind and even access previous knowledge to tap into natural creativity and intuition.


Alpha and Theta Levels

The Silva Method teaches you how to use your brain at the Alpha and Theta levels. In this deeper state of relaxation you are better able to absorb and maintain information. The Silva Method allows you to reach an Alpha or Theta level using his centering techniques. Once in this state you can remain conscious and program your mind to absorb and retrieve information much like a computer.


Why it Works

When your mind is able to function at the Alpha and Theta levels you are able to accomplish things you would not otherwise be able to achieve. You can rewire your mind to do anything you have struggled with such as kicking a bad habit or learning something new. You can use a new mindset that works to keep your conscious mind functioning more effectively by using your subconscious mind. Doing so allows you to overcome stress, enhance your creativity and even use your intuition to assist with both emotional and physical healing.

The Silva Method has helped millions of people reach their full human potential by tapping into the areas of the mind that usually lie dormant. A stress management workshop based on the Silva Method can teach you to live at the “Alpha” level to achieve happiness.

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Researchers at Stanford University determined that we only use about 2% of the potential of our minds.

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