Changing Perceptions with the Silva Method

Changing Perceptions

Changing the Way You Perceive Things


Throughout your life you have learned to perceive things in a certain way. For some, the glass is half full and for others it is half empty. It is possible to change your perception and begin a life that sees opportunity over aversion.


Learned Behaviour

Self-development looks at many aspects of life. One of the most important aspects is how you perceive things. It is much about negative versus positive thinking. Often we are taught to be negative in life with low expectations and a feeling of skepticism. This is often passed onto us by our parents who have lived their life with low self-esteem and a negative view of life and the world. This can make it very hard to break away from this way of perceiving life. However with a little help you can learn to rewire your mind so that you only see the positive and opportunities in life.


Alpha and Theta Levels

The Silva Method teaches you how to use your brain at the Alpha and Theta levels. In this deeper state of relaxation you are better able to absorb and maintain information. The Silva Method allows you to reach an Alpha or Theta level using his centering techniques. Once in this state you can remain conscious and program your mind to absorb and retrieve information much like a computer.


Stereotyped Visions

When we have become negative and skeptical we begin to have stereotyped visions that allow as to only see the negative. This will keep you from reaching your goals, finding love, succeeding in your career and even simply being happy. By changing the way you perceive things you will begin to see everything very differently. In fact, it is the wonder and awe of childhood that allows us to overcome these visions. You can train your mind to return to that sense of wonder and intuition that keeps you curious and open to positive thoughts and visions. You will learn to only see possibilities as opposed to negative outcomes. You will see sun coming from behind the clouds and grass turning greener instead of a wet and miserable day when it rains.


Performing Tasks

Having a positive mind set will allow you to change your perception about the difficulty of a task. You will be open to problem solving to make each task easier and “doable”. Positive thinking makes everything seem manageable. Self-development will allow you to tackle everything in life with a positive attitude that is goal oriented. You will break things down by rewiring your subconscious to view each challenge as an opportunity.

The Silva Method is a proven technique that will rewire your subconscious in order to have a positive and productive state of mind. You will change the way you perceive things and see opportunities to help you succeed.

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Researchers at Stanford University determined that we only use about 2% of the potential of our minds.

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