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Seminar Registration Fee Early Bird Students/Seniors Refresher
Silva Life System $599 $490 $450 $75
Silva Intuition System $599 $490 $450 $75
4 Day Immersion Program $1,190 $990 $790 $150
Early Bird fees must be paid minimum 21 days prior to program start.
Students (full-time/under 22) Only valid with student card. / Seniors (over 65).


4 Day Immersion Program Graduate Programs Silva Life or Intuition System

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For Silva Graduates before 2012
If you graduated from Silva Intuition System before 2012 use these fees:
Silva Intuition System Includes 40% new material $259
4 Day Immersion Program Includes 40% new material $319


Conditions Apply:

  • Early birds, please register one week in advance to ensure your spot.
  • Do you need staggered payments? Call us at 647 966 8706
  • Refresher fees, only applicable for Silva Graduates with a valid Silva ID and/or certificate of completion, repeating the same seminar. Any questions, please email us for details.


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