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Your Brain At Play

Brain Play

Your Brain At Play

Our brains are naturally wired to benefit from playing. We do this in the beginning of our lives and continue in different ways. If you’re a grownup guy you buy toys like a motorcycle, snowmobile, motorboat, rifle, sports car and so on. If you’re a grownup girl you go dancing, tell stories, shopping, explore the town, travel and….(ran out of examples here – not really sure what grownup girls do to play – learning area for me I). The point is that while you are learning, your brain is pretty darn active and is creating numerous neural connections during this process which helps build skills, social skills and benefits the brain in a number of other ways. The video below gives you a 3-minute view of these benefits in a – sorry for the pun – playful way. And if you’re the kind of gal or guy who likes the more serious version of learning to balance the silly part, this is a great video commissioned by the Lego foundation. So you’ve got choices, always. Have fun!

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